ViTAL Tech Demo

In this tech demo, ViTAL model selects 3 most recent Chest X-Ray images of a de-indentified patient with his/her medical condition as the model input.

The ViTAL model then generates a report based on the given Chest X-Ray images and patient medical conditions.

A saliency map overlay on the Chest X-Ray image is updated with every autocomplete predictions to show the region of interest that the predictions are based on.

Reference (Current) CXR Image
Model Input: Doctor's Indications

History: female with shortness of breath with chest pain.

Radiologist Finding (Ground Truth)

Patient is status post median sternotomy and CABG. Heart size is normal. The mediastinal contours are unchanged. Right hemidiaphragm remains elevated with associated right basilar atelectasis. Pulmonary vasculature is not engorged. Left lung is grossly clear. No pleural effusion or pneumothorax is demonstrated. There are no acute osseous abnormalities. Mild to moderate multilevel degenerative changes are noted in the thoracic spine.